“When I close my Eyes, I imagine a Usonian city of Dreams” 69th Floor of 4 World Trade, NYC. 2016

Co-Prosperity Sphere Mural

1994., victorian era, texture, pattern


Brownsontes Wall Paper 2017 - Flavor Paper

Railway “Brownstoner” Wallpaper. Releasing Spring 2017 @ www.flavorpaper.com

MON Hoddie, Oscar Niemeyer - Hydeon

MON Sweatshirt design, 2016 Produced by 1994. Curitiba, Brazil

Brick & Cotton 2015 Collection

Ltd. Ed. hand painted Hi Chuck Converse Shoe - Released at Nordstrom

Terra Firma Shelter Installation - Gallery - Chicago

“Terra Firma Shelter” Installation. Made of wood and acrylic. 2014 solo show at Maxwell Colette Gallery, Chicago.


Ltd. Ed. Cassette Art/Design/Layout for Chicago band Joan Of Arc. Out on BARO Records. www.barorecords.com