Ian Ferguson (Hydeon) is a contemporary artist, illustrator, and designer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He was born in National City, CA in 1985 and grew up in San Diego. He received a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California – San Diego in 2006. Ferguson primarily makes illustrative based works on paper inspired by his life experience. Using his characters and subjects as conduits for storytelling, Ferguson is able to deploy his thoughts and ideas through them. The aesthetics of his works are often inspired by ancient historical civilizations, European Renaissance, Victorian Era, and the 1800’s American Civil War Era. The attention to detail and meticulous line work in his drawings reflects his patience and passion for his work. He often uses Indian ink, gouache, and acrylic to create his drawings, paintings, and murals.  All in all, Ferguson’s work is very dream-like and harbors a vivid post folk art/graphic surrealist presentation emphasizing consciousness through the life experience.